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My Cupboard Essentials

This post will give you an insight into the food I keep in my very own cupboard. This is mostly dry food, kept in jars that I use often and consider a staple part of the foods I create. Most of these dry foods are considerably cheaper than buying their tinned or precooked alternatives and they can be stored in a much smaller space, usually for a longer period of time. This means that when the time arrises that you need one of these ingredients, it is there ready to go. Jars are one of my favourite ways to reduce plastic waste and store food. It is great to find your local zero-waste/refill store so that you can refill your cupboard essentials without purchasing excess packaging, particularly plastic.

Here in Plymouth, we have an amazing store called 'Jar' who not only stock an abundance of dried foods such as pastas, beans, fruit and nuts but also zero-waste cleaning products and personal care products too! They also run some fun workshops for anyone to attend. If you are worried about the weight of refilling glass jars, they have paper bags that can be used or you can purchase reusable cotton bags which can be filled with your desired food for lightweight carrying home. They are worth checking out or checking out the local store near you.

Check them out here:


Basmati or Brown Rice - great for any curry, stir fry or buddha bowl

Arborio Rice - for risotto or sushi

Couscous - for salads or stuffed peppers


Red and Brown Lentils - curries, soups and pasta

Black Beans - taco, chilli, salads, pasta

Chickpeas - homemade burgers, salads, curries


Spaghetti - pasta or salad

Fusilli (I need to buy!) - pasta or salad

Rice Noodles (I need to buy!) - stir fry or noodle soup/ramen


Almonds - salads and snacks

Chia Seeds - puddings, smoothie bowls, porridge

Sunflower Seeds - salads and snacks

Pumpkin Seeds - salads


Various Herbs and Spices - used for so many dishes to flavour

Homemade Ramen Seasoning - see my ramen recipe for ingredients

Dried Wasabi - for your sushi needs

Pasta Seasoning - for a creamy aubergine pasta sauce

Sea Salt - from Tavira, Portugal

Stock - refill stock from Jar

Coconut Oil - used or both cooking and skin/hair care

Nutritional Yeast - ESSENTIAL for a plant-based diet, this is vitamin B12 fortified and provides an amazing cheesy flavour for sauces, pasta and to top salads

Breakfast Foods:

Dry Porridge Oats - for porridge, topping smoothie bowls or making energy balls (recipe on blog)

Maple Syrup - drizzling on porridge or smoothie bowls

Goji Berries - porridge, smoothies and salads

Coconut Flakes - energy balls and topping smoothies

Dates - not pictured here but great as a snack or for sweetening smoothies and homemade mylks and making energy balls

Baking Foods:

Cacao Powder - energy balls and chocolate brownies

Raw Cacao Nibs - energy balls, porridge, brownies

Flour - baking and sauces

Sugar - baking

Nut Butters:

Almond Butter - toast, energy balls, smoothies or porridge

Tahini (Sesame Seed Butter) - energy balls, homemade granola, homemade hummus

As you can see these are shop bought but as I run out I will be buying these from Jar as they have fresh nut butter machines!

I hope you are able to find inspiration from my cupboard to yours and that you can see how easy it is to make super tasty, yummy food when your cupboard is stocked full of easy to use, long lasting foods.

Lottie :)



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